Our Projects

Dubai Harbour Marine Works

Difficulty 65%

Dredging, Reclamation, Soil Improvement, Rockworks


The Dubai Harbour project is an iconic waterfront project featuring MENA regions largest marina and the Dubai Light House Hotel. The 1.9 Million Sq. M mega project features a 135m high Dubai Lighthouse, Cruise Liner Terminal of 14,000 sq.m capable of handling 6000 passengers, 1400 berths marina, yacht club, shopping mall, hotels, residences, and entertainment, food and retail space.

The outline scope includes consists of demolition of existing rock structures in and around Logo Island and the construction of groynes and breakwater, specifically – the zone wise scope involves:

Zone 1 – Cruise Terminal and Light House – Shore Protection Works
Zone 2 – Logo Island – demolition of rock structures, construction of beach toe, and groynes and rock revetments
Zone 3 – Mall Area – Rock Revetments
Zone 4 – Marina Area – Demolition and removal of Causeway partially for areas falling outside project boundaries and rock revetments

Port De La Mer Development

Difficulty 85%

Dredging, Reclamation, Soil Improvement, Quay Wall Construction

Extending the North Peninsula approximately 700 m sea ward

The project is an extension of the waterfront La Mer Development at Jumeirah and includes Reclamation of 155,000 Square meter peninsula, encapsulated in a 2.0 KM breakwater. To have a multi purpose development along with a 120 berth Marina. The works involve: Dredging from Borrow Areas, Reclamation, Soil Improvement, Breakwater revetment and Shore Protection works, Beach replenishment, and Groynes Construction, Construction of 1,300 m Block Quay Wall

Burj Al Arab SHED Replacement Works

Difficulty 60%

Loading, Stockpiling and Placement into position

Replacement and Removal of Damaged SHED Units to Existing Island

Works consisted of removal of damaged Shepherds Heat Energy Dissipating (SHED) and replacing with free issue new materials. New material  had to be stored at Marine Logistics facility at Dubai Water Front.

Old units as part of another project were utilized to form an artificial Fish Reef.

Island 2-Beach Remedial Works

Difficulty 30%
Beach Beautification & Clean Up Works

Beach Remedial Works

Island 2 site is located on Dubai cost, about 500 meter offshore from Jumeirah 1 area and approximately 3.0 km south-west of Pearl Jumeirah.

The island is man-made reclaimed development with natural water quality, sandy beaches and where Meraas aspires to develop an attractive living atmosphere. The island has a surface area of approximately 570,000 m2 and consists of 8 beaches.

Scope of work consists of maintenance actions and beach re-profiling works to be undertaken in all 8 beaches.

LA MER Project, Jumeirah Open Beach

Difficulty 95%
Beach Beautification & Clean Up Works

6 Million Tons of Rock Revetment, 9 Million Cubic Meters of Dredged Material Over 1 Million sq.m of reclaimed land, now known as the LA MER Development

Works included demolition and removal of existing three breakwaters – North Breakwater, South Breakwater and Central Breakwater, and the construction of  rock revetments around the footprint of the new North Peninsula, South Peninsula and the Headland. Rock revetments are being constructed at varying depths of -2.5 up to -12 m Dubai Municipality Datum (DMD). 

Scope includes dredging and reclamation works, beach nourishment and re-profiling. Works were done using a combination of marine and land access with more than 50 marine units operating at the project site with more than 50 long boom excavators in operation. Rock sizes included 1-500 Kgs Quarry Run, 0.3 – 1 Tons Under Layer, 3- 7 Tons Armour Layer placed to varying sections and transitions.


Works includes dredging and reclamation works using burrow areas located more than 25 nautical miles offshore, beach nourishment and re-profiling. Works are being done using a combination of marine and land access with more than 50 marine units operating at the project site with more than 50 long boom excavators in operation.

The overall Project Master Plan envisages high quality beach amenities including the Beach Zone, a Leisure and Entertainment Hub at the Centre headland, and a mix of Residential and Hospitality units at the North and South Peninsulas (by others).

Burj Al Arab Hotel Offshore Tubular Piling Works

Difficulty 65%
Piling Works
The project was a design and build of a Steel platform 11,250 Square meters to be installed on 95 steel tubular piles to create the North Deck of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. In partnership with ADMARES Finland, PLC scope of work involved Supply, Installation and driving of 94 offshore Steel Tubular Piles into the sea bed, Logistical and lifting support for the platform heavy lift installation.

Hyundai Rock Supply

Difficulty 45%
Marine Transport, Stockpile and Load

Transport, stockpile and load on barges Dune Sand & Aggregates for the Satah Al Razboot (SARB) Package # 4 Project

The scope involves the supply of 1.6 Million Ton of Aggregates & 1.4 Million Ton of Sand, which will be transported from Ras Al Khaima Quarries to Dubai Water Front and loaded on Contractor’s barges.

PLC through its strategic Bas in Dubai Water front and utilizing its extensive marine fleet and land equipment operation and utilizing the quarry ownership and the land transport fleet, has a strategic alliances with main contractors in the market operating and a support device to deliver the raw material to their project and a one stop shop from the quarry, land transport, loading facility and marine transport to project, with the correct quality and time line required

The Avenue Phase 2

Difficulty 65%
Excavation, disposal and cart away..

Excavation of 870’000 CUM, Levelling & Compaction and Disposal of Excavated Material

Excavation, disposal and cart away of excavated material.

Earthworks in the Meraas Development called The Avenue Retail, off Al Safa Road, for the excavation of over of 680,000 CBM. The challenging aspect of the project was to dispose and cart away 620,000 CBM excavated material from the heart of Dubai City near Burj Khalifa, with three restriction time-frames for a total of 8 hours per day.

Al Hail Field Development

Difficulty 65%
Marine Works, Rock Works & excavation

Artificial Fish Reef

Difficulty 35%
Construction of 4 underwater Artificial Reefs

Das Island Material Supply - ARD

Difficulty 35%
Supply of rock material

Supply of rocks to Das Island

PLC through its strategic Marine Logistics Facility at  the Dubai Water front and utilizing its extensive marine fleet and land equipment operation helped to safely deliver the raw material to prestiguous Offshore projects for the nation. 

Works include coordination with quarry, land transport, stockpiling if necessary and and marine transport to project, with the correct quality and time line required

Scope of work consisted of supply of rock material to Archirodon, loading and receving material